For all the ways you teach.

Make your lessons interactive and device ready with Easel’s free suite of intuitive digital tools.

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Adapt your lessons for how you teach.

Simple digital tools to engage students with no fuss.

Works with the TpT resources you love.
Use Easel’s digital tools to adapt hundreds of thousands of resources from TpT.
Make it interactive, with what you already have.
Create interactive lessons from TpT resources — or get innovative and create your own from scratch.*
Easy-to-use for tech beginners and experts.
With our intuitive and student-friendly tools, you can easily prepare and share interactive lessons in minutes.
Seamlessly integrates with how you already teach.
No need to juggle so many tools. You can go from searching to prepping to assigning interactive lessons, all in one place.

Your Lessons, Your Way

Easel’s flexible tools can be used for your entire teaching process.


Find Easel resources on TpT — or upload your own.* Open them up in the tool to get started.

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“[Easel is]. . . a wonderful way to engage the child actively, even if distance is part of the learning equation.”



Easel Assessments

Soon to join the Easel by TpT™ suite: An easy-to-use quiz creation tool to check student understanding. Create, assign, and auto-grade formative assessments, and quickly view student data for real-time insights.

Make your first interactive lesson today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Easel by TpT really free?

Yes, it’s really free! Easel’s basic membership tier is available to all teachers for free, with no trial period. With a basic membership, you’ll have access to our full suite of tools, will be able to assign and review student work online, and create interactive activities from scratch. Start your free account in just a few easy steps and you’ll be ready to start creating interactive, device-ready lessons in no time.

What resources can I use with Easel?

To find resources that are made for or compatible with Easel, simply filter for “Easel Activities” on and look for “Easel Activity” or “Compatible with Easel” on each product. Or, start from an existing PDF to make it interactive easily.*

Where do I review my students’ work?

You can review your students' work directly on Easel! All work can be reviewed via this link after clicking the “Review” button:

Do I need to use Google Classroom™️ to assign Easel Activities to my students?

No! You can assign Easel lessons through Google Classroom or you can copy a link to it and paste it into any LMS you use with your students. However, for the time being, students will need to log in with a Google email account in order to access the assignment. As a reminder, all student work is completed and reviewed on Easel.

How is TpT handling student data with Easel?

We take our obligations to protect student privacy and information very seriously. We introduced this functionality to allow teachers to interact directly with students after careful consideration and feedback from educators in our community. Our student tools and student privacy policy are designed to meet applicable requirements of COPPA and FERPA.

At the heart of our student privacy policy is this: we only collect student information to support educator instruction and interactive learning experiences as authorized by the educator or school. This includes the name and answers a student provides on the activities assigned to them by their teacher. We never sell student information and we don’t display, place, or allow any third-party ads on any student tools. We disclose these practices clearly and in greater detail in the student privacy policy on our website, which every educator is required to accept before using this tool.

Can I get access to Easel by TpT for my school?

Yes! Easel by TpT is available through a TpT School Access subscription. With a TpT School Access subscription, your school will also have access to premium features, like additional LMS integrations. Find out more.

If your school already has a subscription to TpT School Access, learn more about how you can start using Easel here.